List of articles

This is the full list of articles arranged in groups:

Physical Geography

Earthquakes in Sri lanka: could they happen

Waldringfield UK : a community led flood protection project first of its kind project in the UK includes an interview with a member of the Waldringfield Flood Defence Group

Colombo Floods 2016 part one

Colombo floods part 2 getting aid to the victims

The Indian Ocean Monsoon; same as it ever was?

Making Sense of the Sri lankan Monsoon


Colombo and its garbage problem; is the Aruwakkulu project a viable solution

Saving Mangrove Forests: Sri Lanka takes a lead 

The Chilaw mangrove project

Mini hydro schemes threatening Sinharaja

Samupur Power Station; dead in the water?; environmental impact study

The human – elephant conflict: does it have to be like this?

Colombo garbage mountain collapse; time for the government to act

Has Colombo solved its garbage problem?


Sri Lankan Tea a primary product?

The Colombo Women’s Cooperative Bank: development in action

Sri Lanka tourism; Paradise Lost

Short term lets on the rise in Sri Lanka: is this good for the tourist industry?

Sevanatha: a case study of an NGO

Sisters doing it for themselves; a case study of a women’s self help group

Dengue Update; is Sri Lanka winning the war?

Dengue Count.. latest figures

Colombo; progress but who is it for; rebranding a city see also

Megapolis; the drive to create a world city; Colombo

Challenges ahead for the Sri Lankan garment industry plus listen to an interview with the general manager of a Sri Lankan garment manufacturer

Profile of underserved settlements in Colombo

Rehousing the poor in Colombo; repeating the mistakes?

Colombo floods part 2 getting aid to the victims

The plight of migrant workers in the Gulf


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