Why Sri Lanka?

I lived in Colombo on and off for 5 years; love the city and the country. As a geographer teaching at Colombo International School, what struck me was how much geography there is to study, and how much of it was fresh and original.

I used to be a geography examiner for OCR and more recently the IB diploma and what I found staring at me from the pages of examination scripts was the same tired old case studies, sketchily drawn, not always appropriate.

Finding new case studies was always a problem for me when I was teaching; and I didn’t want to use the stuff in the standard text books. I always wanted to broaden my “library” of case studies but, motivation, time pressures..too much form filling.. all those things got in the way.

Now I have the time and this blog is all about sharing my experiences and insights on a country and people who I have grown to love.

My aim is to summarise the results of my research in Sri Lanka. If you want to know more or want info for case studies, you can contact me by e mail on philbrighty@gmail.com; if you want to comment feel free.

Sri Lanka is a  beautiful island with wonderful, smiley people who are optimistic for their future. I am too.

Photo credit: Brett Davies